Let´s know eachother

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Some presentations

Hey there!
This is our first blog post so we are still trying to get used to writing about ourselfs and our lifestyles. But we will get good at it, you'll see. :) We are a group of girls and we all like English in different ways. For example some of us like to watch TV shows from America and England, our favourite groups are from English speaking countries, some want to live abroad and some just like to write in English and express ourselves this way. But for the start we should tell that we're from Slovenia, which is a small country with 2 million inhabitants and we are kind of squeezed between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungry, but yet we manage to be extremly proud of our country. We are all students at Jože Plečnik high school in Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and we're all or about to turn 16.
Each one of us has different hobbies, interest so we thought that it would be the best if every single one of us would present herself so that you would see who you're dealing with (don't worry we don't bite). So, here we go!