Sunday, 22 November 2009

Some presentations

Hey there!
This is our first blog post so we are still trying to get used to writing about ourselfs and our lifestyles. But we will get good at it, you'll see. :) We are a group of girls and we all like English in different ways. For example some of us like to watch TV shows from America and England, our favourite groups are from English speaking countries, some want to live abroad and some just like to write in English and express ourselves this way. But for the start we should tell that we're from Slovenia, which is a small country with 2 million inhabitants and we are kind of squeezed between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungry, but yet we manage to be extremly proud of our country. We are all students at Jože Plečnik high school in Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and we're all or about to turn 16.
Each one of us has different hobbies, interest so we thought that it would be the best if every single one of us would present herself so that you would see who you're dealing with (don't worry we don't bite). So, here we go!


  1. Nika wrote:
    Hi! I'm Nika, a 16 year old girl who loves having fun (:. I'm a student at high school Jožeta Plečnika in Ljubljana. I live in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. I love sports, especially badminton which I train 5 times a week. In my free time I go out with my friends or with my boyfriend.
    I don't really like school, but I have a lot of friends there so it's not hard to keep coming back in the class. My favourite subjects are Slovene and Geography.

  2. Sandra wrote:
    Hello, my name is Sandra and I'm 16. I live near Ljubljana but I drive there every day by bus to go to school (yey). I have many different goals, one of them is to speak at least 4 foreign languages and I'm going to achieve that very soon. Otherwise I'm a typical teenager who likes to party on Friday nights and keep that night incidents away from my parents. I like hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I love taking photos and shopping. :) Thanks to my parents who give me pocket money, my wallet is never empty, I'm kind of addicted to bags and shoes and I usually stand in front of a shop window for about 5 minutes and then decide that I don't need anything. I'm also a hardcore summer girl. I need sea, beach and sunshine to be happy so I'm excited for the whole year and I can never wait for summer to come (we all know how vacations can be, swimming, skinny dipping, summer loving, etc.). Also I'm a big movie and TV shows freak. Among my favourite movies are Godfather, Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's from the classic and from newer movies Disturbia, Candy, The Boleyn Girls and many more. And when it comes to TV shows I watch or watched everything from One Tree Hill to Vampire Diaries, but I'm a serious fangirl of Supernatural. :P

  3. Žana wrote:
    Hey! My name is Žana Ovca and I decided to write for our school blog. I speak Slovenian and I'm learning English and French. I have been studying English for a while now, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it;) In september I was 16 years old. I live in Dol pri Ljubljani and every day I go to school by bus. I have short straight blond hair, blue eyes and a small mouth, which can talk all day long. I love to shop and hang out with my girlfriends. I'm just like any other teenage girl, with lots of problems (if I don't have them, I make them:D) Usually I wear jeans and a shirt. These days, I have a scarf and a hat, because it's cold outside.. but the good side of winter time is skiing, I can't wait. I live in a house with my mother and brother. Under us there're grandma and grandpa too, so we never get bored. In my free time I like telephoning with my friends, dancing, going out, eating and watching TV. I think I'm a good person who cares for friends and family. I have many disadvantages too, but people who love me, love me no matter what.

  4. Nina wrote:
    Hey! I’m Nina and I’m 16 years old. I live in Ljubljana, in the capital of Slovenia.
    I love dancing, acting, singing, watching movies and listening to music. My favorite types of music are pop, r’n’b and rock. One of my favorite movies are Twilight, Step up and Raise your voice. My favorite season is spring, because it’s like nature is alive again. When the snow disappears every plant starts to grow again and birds start to sing. It’s beautiful.
    I think I wouldn’t survive without chocolate, friends, music, and phone. Have fun!

  5. Taja wrote:
    Hey, my name is Taja. I have brown, long, slightly curly hair (kind of plain), and blue eyes.
    I like to write (mostly in English ), and I love to sketch and draw. I also love to sing and listen to music. As a hobby, I like to take pictures and shoot short clips (though I still need a good camcorder). I like to act, in fact I have quite a lot of experience in that area. I like watching shows – NCIS, Gossip girl, Gilmore girls and lots of others. I like all kinds of sports especially dancing. Traveling is also one of my favourite activities - The place I liked the most so far, was the Netherlands (Holland). I also really like meeting new people. ^^

  6. Lorna wrote:
    My name is Lorna and I'm 16 years old. I live in Grosuplje, a town near the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. There is also the high school I go to, named by a famous architect Jože Plečnik. As my second language I learn French. As a person I’m a dreamer and I like to do things my own way. I like to learn from life how to stand on my own feet. I love my friends. They are very special to me. They are my motivation for life. I like going out with them, to a movie or a party. I appear to be cheerful and agreeable. But I‘m really a shy person, especially to the people I don’t know well. And even quite naive and teasing- like a child :). I can also be annoying sometimes. I’m a perfectionist. Everything has to be organized, so family and friends often find me as picky and finicky. I like to do many things like acting, writing, reading, talking, listening to music, watching movies, sleeping, cycling, skiing, diving... Experiencing from life as much as I can.

  7. Hi!!!!! I’m Ricky. I was born in Panama but I’m living in Spain and my father and mother are Chinese ^^. I speak four languages; one of these languages is Spanish, Chinese, Japanese (I can’t speak much but I understand quite a lot) and English (my English is very bad ^^). I’m 17 years old and I’m single ;) ^^ XD. My hobby is watching anime (one piece, death note, vandread… and other ^^), listening to music- pop music, in English, Japanese and Chinese-, playing football, video games, drawing… and other ^^.
    I’m tall, not very fat and I thing that I’m a good man, I’m a cute boy and I very intelligent. This is my facebook Ricky Loo Law. Bye and Taja you have a interesting personality ^^.

    o.O this is my link of facebook ^^

  8. Hello!! My name is Roberto. I´m sixteen years old. I live in Getafe, Getafe is a town in Madrid (Spain).
    I was born in Madrid and I study in Alarnes secondary school.
    I´ve got brown eyes, black hair. My hobbies are football and swimming. I love buying clothes. In my free time I go to the shopping centre for buying clothes and I like travelling, I want to travel all over the world for meeting friends and see the cities.
    I want to travel to New York in Christmas holidays so that I can see the big Christmas trees, and speak a lot of English.
    I don´t like school, I fail some subjects but school is interesting though.
    Have you got a facebook or msn address? So we meet different friends from different parts of the world and we speak English.
    Madrid is very beautiful, this city has got a lot of monuments and shops, On 31th of December at night all the people go a place called “Puerta del Sol” to eat twelve grapes and after that we drink cider to celebrate. After that we go the party all the night, oh my god it is incredible. Come here,it is funny!!!


  9. Hi! My name is Fernando. I was born in Getafe (Madrid) capital city of Spain where I live. I’m 17. I’m very tall and big with short hair. I’m studying a high course in order to go to university. I’m a quite funny man and a good friend of my friends. I look forward to going to New York, London and Abu-Dhabi and taking a lot of photographs because I’m fond of it. One of my hobbies is going shopping; I like clothes as Vans, Dinkies, Billabong, etc…I Also walk along Madrid, meet friends and go to parties.
    The weekends I go to Madrid because there is where I meet my friends, we see each other and talk about our problems, couples, etc…
    My dream is becoming a famous employer in Spain in the Bussines World.

  10. Hi guys!
    Me and my schoolmates created our own blog. So please check our presentations and other interesting posts on
    Hope you'll like it!

  11. Hello there!What´s the matter?
    Well,I hope everything is OK.
    My name is Mario Todorov,I´m 17 years old and I´m from Bulgaria, but I have been living in Spain about 5 years.Every summer I go back to Bulgaria for the vacation and I really enjoy with my cousins, grandma and some old friends!
    School is difficult this year but but I make efforts and I hope to pass alomost all the subjects, becuase I´m looking forward to going to the University.
    My hobbies are: Karate, which I have practised for 4 years, sometimes I go to a discotheque, meet friends, go to parties and of course the music! I´m a big fan of House, techno and hardstyle(is very popular in Holland and Italy)

    Greetings from Madrid! ;)

  12. My name is Elsa.I am eighteen years old.
    I am Ecuadorian,but for the past 7 years I have lived in Madrid(Spain).
    I am studying in a secondary school called Alarnes.My favarite subject is Spanish.
    I live with my mother and my brother and my sister.We are 2 girls: and a girl called maria jose
    who is 19 years old.the boy`s 24 and i am the smallest of the three.

    In the future i would like go to college and to have a career dedicated to teaching.
    such as teaching or hispanic philology

  13. Hi! I'm Rocío. I'm 16 years old. I live in Getafe, Madrid. I've got one little brother. My favourite subjects at school are English and P.E. I like sports like football, basketball and tennis. My favourite films are Twilight (I love the books to) and Step Up. I love read English' books and listening to music. I'm a positive girl I never think negative. I love dance funky music. My favourite rock band is Paramore but I like another singers like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Shakira and Black Eyed Peas.
    I think I've got something in common with Nina, so I'd like to talk with Nina.
    This is my blog if you want to talk to me

  14. Hey!!!!!!
    We are Pablo and Alvaro if you want meet us.
    Addmy us to the facebook and Metroflog xDDDD
    Pablo: (Metroflog)
    Alvaro: Alvaro Aguilar Fernandez (Facebook) xD

  15. Hi!!My name is Jennifer and I'm 16 years old.
    I'm from Equator I have been seven years in Spain since I was nine years old.I study in the school Alarnes in Getafe( Madrid).
    In my free tiem I usually play indoor football, listen to musicand read.
    But I also love to draw and I'd also love to travel around the world as USA, Italy and England because I like learning languages.
    I also like going to the movies with friends and going shopping although it is a bit boring but I love sports as hockey, beisbol, basketball and riding horse.
    I also like animals even though I haven't got any but I'd have to have three dogs becuase I don't like cats,I hate them.
    I would descrite myself as an honest,sympathetic,nice, funny girl,shy girl,affectionate girl and I'm strong-minded too.
    My favourite kind of films are horror,comedy,
    action and romance.
    I would like to do accountancy even I want to go
    into the army because I love military life.

  16. Hi! We are Maja and Masha from the class 2.G...
    This is our website on which we're going to post some blogs:
    Have fun!